The Family Photo Album

Michael Creque and
Rosina (Buehrle) Creque
(ca. 1865?)

Adam Andes and
Elizabeth (Huth) Andes

Elisabeth Wiemer (ca. 1870?)

Leo Mayer and
Rosina (Kuevin) Mayer
(ca. 1915?)

Frederick Schwitzgebel,
Margaret (Ottle) Schwitzgebel,
and family (ca. 1915)

Catherine (Breehl)
Schwitzgebel (ca. 1945?)

Gilbert Schwitzgebel (ca. 1945? )

Gilbert Schwitzgebel,
Viola (Phillippi) Schwitzgebel,
and family (ca. 1955)

Bernard Schwitzgebel (1958)

Mike Schwitzgebel (1962)

The Sherrodsville, Ohio, Band (ca. 1882) - Jacob Breehl, William Breehl, (unknown), John Breehl, (unknown), "Shorty the Blacksmith", (unknown), Joseph Breehl, Charles Breehl, William Abel