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Charles Creque

Creque violin

I recently became the caretaker of a violin that has been in my mother's family for at least three generations. According to the handwritten paper label afixed to the inside of the violin's back, the instrument was made by "Charles Creque violin maker Suffield, O 1903". It's a plain but well made instrument and, aside from needing to be restrung, it has been well cared for. It is stored in a cloth bag in a battered black wooden case lined with red flannel.

I have a fairly extensive collection of information about the Creque/Griggy lines who descended from Johannes Criqui/Griggy, but I don't have any specific information to suggest that one of these was a violin maker. The likeliest is Charles Creque, the youngest son of Antoine Criqui (1819-1898) and Mary Scholastica Farnbach.

Antoine Criqui (also Griggy) was born in 7 Feb 1819 in Dauendorf, Bas-Rhin, France. On 25 Feb 1851, in Randolph Twp., Portage Co., Ohio, he married Mary Scholastica Farnbach. He died 17 Oct 1898, in Randolph Twp., Portage Co., Ohio, USA.

Mary Farnbach was born 10 Feb 1827, in France, and immigrated to the United States in 1838. She died 12 Mar 1907 and is buried in St. Joseph's cemetery in Randolph. She appears in some sources using the given name Charlotte, and her maiden name is also seen as Fernbach and Fairbaugh.

Antoine and Mary had the following children:

  1. Maria Creque
    • Baptism: 25 Mar 1852
    • Death: About 1852 (her baptismal record indicates that she died "shortly after birth")
  2. John J. Creque (also Griggy)
    • Birth: May 1853 or 1854, in Suffield Twp., Portage Co., Ohio
    • Burial: St. Mary's cemetery, Ravenna, Portage Co., Ohio
    • Marriage: About 1879 to Katharine Lansinger (1857-?)
  3. Catherine "Kate" Creque
    • Birth: About 1857, in Ohio
    • Marriage: to Fred Lansinger (?-1920)
  4. Frances Creque
    • Birth: Feb 1860, in Ohio
    • Death: 1928
    • Burial: St. Joseph's cemetery, Randolph Twp., Portage Co., Ohio
  5. Andrew Creque
    • Birth: Jun 1861, in Ohio
    • Death: 29 Mar 1928
    • Burial: St. Joseph's cemetery, Randolph Twp., Portage Co., Ohio
  6. Cecelia Creque
    • Birth: Nov 1863, in Ohio
    • Death: 4 Mar 1919
    • Burial: St. Joseph's cemetery, Randolph Twp., Portage Co., Ohio
  7. Charles Creque
    • Birth: May 1866, in Ohio
    • Death: 1942
    • Burial: St. Joseph's cemetery, Randolph Twp., Portage Co., Ohio

    At various points in his life, he shows up in census enumerations as a carpenter, a farmer, and a laborer doing odd jobs. Charles never married. From the census data, it appears that he shared the family home with Frances, Andrew, and Cecelia, who also appear to have remained single after middle age.

    I've heard from one other person whose aunt owns a Creque violin dated 7-18-1900, which coincides with the time period during which Charles appears in the census as a carpenter.

If you have information about Charles Creque, his work as a luthier, or about his family, please and tell me about it.

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