Schwitzgebel Genealogy

Mathias Schwitzgebel

The Schwitzgebel surname is believed to have originated in Switzerland, in Canton Schwyz. Living in Schwyz, around 1400 a.d., was a family named "Gabriel", and when one of these Gabriels emigrated to the Saanen, Canton Bern, he came to be known as "the Gabriel from Schwyz." Over time, this became "Schwyz Gäbel" and, later, "Schwitzgebel".

Mathias Schwitzgebel is the earliest Schwitzgebel ancestor of whom we are currently aware. We have little information about Mathias, except that he came to the duchy of Zweibrücken, from Saanen, in 1669. He married, and although we don't know his wife's name, we know that the couple had at least one son, Kaspar.

Kaspar Schwitzgebel married Sophie Schwitzgebel. Whether the two of them were related or not is unknown.

Kaspar and Sophie had at least one son, Georg Jacob Schwitzgebel.

Georg Jacob Schwitzgebel was a farmer in Altstadt, Oberamt Homburg, Zweibrücken, and is the earliest Schwitzgebel ancestor for whom we have much chronological data. He was born on 6 FEB 1733 and died on 9 SEP 1801.

He married Catharina Spieler on 18 NOV 1765. Catharina Spieler was born on 25 JUN 1741 in Niederbexbach, Oberamt Homburg, and died on 13 FEB 1796.

Georg Jacob and Catharina had the following children:

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